New Year! New Goals!...Or Not!

Done and Dusted
We’ve just about made it through the first full working week of January, and for the majority of people it’s usually around this time our New Year’s Resolutions start falling apart.

Be more Everything
We realise; Dry January purely sounded like a good idea while you were still nurturing the hangover from New Year’s Eve. Your new exercise regime was invigorating until it became clear getting up at 5am really does mean going to bed at 9pm, if you’re not in a position to take a long nap half-way through the day. And, not checking your emails after hours was barely possible in those first few days of January before everybody got back to work and your diary started filling up again. And, my least favourite; to start over and magically become more awesome and more successful than ever before.

Unrealistic Expectations
I understand the positive sentiment of inspiration behind setting goals and wanting to improve yourself and your business. But, the unrealistic pressure of some New Year’s resolutions simply just make you feel inadequate and like you’re constantly failing. As much as I also feel the excitement a new year brings, I don’t think we should discredit everything we’ve accomplished during the past 12 months by wanting to start over and doing things completely different than before.

Continuous Growth
Isn’t it all our failures, hardships and struggles, combined with our achievements and happy moments that make us who we are and give us the courage to move on to the next step in our lives and in our businesses? Is the secret not to stop waiting for the 1st of January to start over, or kick-start, or be more of anything, but to recognise that our lives and careers are as much about continuous growth and constant goal setting, as it is about appreciating and enjoying what we have already achieved?

Hopes and Gratitude
Every day holds the same promise of somehow producing more happiness than the day before. Without this none of us will have the motivation to get out of bed and make the effort to achieve anything, because there will be no hope of reward at the end. Can’t we enjoy the magic of a new beginning more often by letting go of unrealistic New Year’s resolutions and finding one thing to be grateful for and look forward to every day instead?

Revolutionised Resolution
So, our resolution for this year is not to achieve extensive goals, but to just keep doing what we love, be thankful for what we have, learn from every experience and look forward to new opportunities that may come. We wish you a happy and prosperous 2017!

We would love to hear your thoughts on New Year’s resolutions and if you have any goals for the year ahead. Please send me an email at or give me a call on +44 (0)1428 656 446.

As always all photos are courtesy of the awesomely creative Ryan McGuire at Gratisography.

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