Creating Software to Suit your Business

The importance of creating software to suit your business, and not moulding your business around your software.

The predicament of choosing between off-the-shelf software or custom software is a constant dilemma for businesses, especially start-ups or small businesses on the cusp of growth, and we can probably go on and on about it forever, but let’s look at it from a different angle.

Sustained increased productivity and efficiency.

What is the first and most significant reason for investing in business software? It’s to ensure increased productivity and efficiency, right? So, shouldn’t your business software do exactly that then? But, why do we often find ourselves spending countless hours and resources on learning how to use new software? Or, why do we change our tried and tested business processes to adhere to new software?

We think the answer is somewhere between time, cost and confidence. Or, more specifically the illusion or hope that off-the-shelf software will save time and be cheaper than custom software, and the lack in confidence to create exactly what you need. What do you think?

The return on investment of time and resources should be well worth it.

Too many businesses initially start with off-the-shelf software because it is faster and cheaper to implement than a bespoke software solution. But, before long the inability to tweak off-the-shelf software packages to suit the day-to-day operations of a business will lead to inefficient, manual processes. Eventually, these complications will be increasingly evident and customisation will become ever more complicated, requiring a significant investment to rectify or replace in order to grow the business effectively.

So, although the development of a bespoke software solution can be more expensive initially, the return on investment should be well worth it when compared with the significant amount of resources and time that need to go into customising off-the-shelf products.

A business, its processes and its software must progress and adapt to the evolving requirements of its clients.

Bespoke software will always be developed to suit the needs of the business, instead of requiring a business to change its operations to fit around the software. So, work processes will be streamlined according to your business requirements, without having to be adjusted to accommodate a new system. There will be little or no learning curve, which will ultimately save time and money, and therefore means it is a solution that conforms to your needs and not the other way around.

Remember, a business has to progress and adapt to the evolving requirements of its clients while keeping productivity and efficiency at a proficient level without losing sight of its initial goals and targets.

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